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Artist's Statement

Climbers and Calligraphy, Chinese Contemporary Painting by Ngan Siu-Mui

Ngan Siu-Mui 顏 小 梅 :
"Born in Hong Kong and trained by renowned masters of Chinese painting and calligraphy, I bear a very strong Chinese traditional cultural imprint; Chinese visual art is soothing my spirit like a bowl of exquisite tea. For nearly thirty years, I have been living in Quebec and the western culture has a profound impact on my art, just like a good aromatic but supple red wine would overwhelm my senses. Merging the artistic ideas from the east and the west, I developed a different perspective in creating works of Chinese calligraphy and painting while remaining focused on the unique qualities of the traditional arts. Whether my work is regarded as traditional, contemporary or avant-garde, it is deeply the reflection of my self, an artist of eastern root and western influence."

Critic's Reviews

Parcours Découvertes art magazine, review on artist Ngan Siu-Mui, 2003
Parcours Découvertes
Art magazine
Montreal Quebec 2003

Robert Bernier :
"However, the weight of tradition is inevitably felt, contemporary reality is not evacuated, and it is precisely in this that Ngan Siu-Mui distinguishes herself … It is clear that one can hardly dissociate calligraphy and painting from the expression of Ngan Siu-Mui, which, for our greater pleasure, interlaces them until they become inseparable."
[Robert Bernier is an art critic and the editor of Parcours Découvertes]

Yang Huelun :
"There is no doubt that she (Ngan Siu-Mui) shows the highest technical skill in controlling the brush, so she masters the form. But much more important, when, in her works, we look at the dance of the strokes she makes us imagine the ideas that are bewitching the Mind of the Brush at the very moment of her artistic creation."
[Yang Huelun is Cultural Counsellor to the Canadian Embassy of the Popular Republic of China.]

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