The Art of Ngan Siu-Mui ~ Calligrapher and Painter, Montreal Quebec Canada

In these pages you will find my work in Chinese Calligraphy, Painting, Seal Carving, Tea Ceremony and Teaching of Chinese Traditional Arts. Artworks by my disciples are also presented. I hope that you will enjoy your visit.

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2018 — Artist Ngan Siu Mui's Exhibitions at the Taishan Museum (China)

Ngan Siu-Mui's Artworks in Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Carving (Chinese Stamps)

Modern Chinese Arts of Calligraphy and Painting by Ngan Siu-Mui
Ngan Siu-Mui's

"Ngan Siu-Mui is talented and has the qualities of a great master. there is a definite composition as well as harmony in her flower and animal paintings. She has aptly and fully revealed the elegance of the lingnam school of painting. Apart from painting, she also does calligraphy, poetry and seal carving… indicating her versatility. She is a genuine artist who can devote her time and energy to create new realms of expression."
[Mai He, The People's Biweekly Journal of Singapore, 1983]

"Ngan Siu-Mui, as an artist of chinese painting and calligraphy, uses all of her amazing talent to merge the form and the chinese calligraphy, thereby walking away from tradition but keeping a strong link with it."
[Robert Bernier, Art Critic, Parcours Découvertes, Montreal, 2003]

Chinese Calligraphy ~ Workshops in Studio, Online Lessons

Modern Chinese Arts of Calligraphy and Painting by artist Ngan Siu-Mui
Chinese Calligraphy
Workshops in Studio
Online Lessons

The practice of chinese calligraphy is the source of asian arts cultivation. It helps in acquiring a sharp perception of all things in the universe, from simple lines to complex forms and movements. Chinese calligraphy is the fine art of elegant writing in Chinese characters. It is also an exercise that enhance the coordination of mind and body.

As a chinese calligraphy artist, Ngan Siu-Mui's work has been recognized worlwide; a calligraphy piece was selected to be carved into a stele by the Record of History Stele Forest and the Calligraphy Stele Committee of the Long Dam of Wei River, China. In 2005 she was invited to be a speaker in the International Chinese Calligraphy Conference held by the Ministry of National Affairs, China and the calligraphy seminar held by the Culture Art Research Institute, Korea.

Chinese Watercolor Painting ~ Workshops in Studio, Online Lessons

Ngan Siu-Mui Art School, Two Birds Under the Moon
Chinese Painting
Workshops in Studio
Online Lessons

Discover traditional brush techniques and Chinese watercolor painting. There is a well known saying: a chinese artist "writes a painting and paints a calligraphy".

Since her 1981 solo art exhibition in Hong Kong City Hall, Ngan Siu-Mui has been acclaimed as an artist conversant with chinese calligraphy, watercolor painting, seal carving and poems. "Ngan Siu-Mui has been dedicated to chinese painting and calligraphy for over thirty years. there is no doubt that she shows the highest technical skill in controlling the brush, so she masters the form. but much more important, when we look at the dance of the strokes in the lines and columns of her calligraphy, she makes us imagine the ideas that are merging into the brush movement at the very moment of her artistic creation."  [ Yang Huelun, Cultural Counsellor to the Embassy of the Popular Republic of China, Ottawa, CA, 2002 ]

Chinese Stamp Engraving (Seal Carving) Workshops

Chinese Stamp, Seal Craving workshops, Ngan Siu Mui Art School
Chinese Stamp
Workshops in Studio

People create their own seals for pleasure and to have a very personal signature; a business might use a seal as part of a trademark. In fact, a chinese stamp can be used in many different ways and artists authenticate their artworks with a seal. Discover the wonders of stamp engraving. Learn how to carve a chinese chop from an expert

The artist has been widely recognized for her work as a whole including the very exquisite and creative carving of chinese seals [stamps].

Ngan Siu Mui's Students' Achievements in Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Nicole Chenut's calligraphy artwotks, Ngan Siu Mui Art School
Ngan Siu-Mui's

Through many years of teaching chinese calligraphy and watercolor painting,I was delighted to see some of my students reach an amazing level in these arts. It is with great pleasure to present here their artworks and achievements.

A great many of my former and actual students' cultural background is occidental; not knowing the Chinese language has not been a handicap for them and didn't stop them from reaching an amazing level in both Chinese calligraphy and watercolor painting.

"Chinese Calligraphy, Abstract Art, Mind Painting" [Publication of artist Ngan Siu-Mui]

 Chinese Artist Ngan Siu-Mui's Calligraphy Publication
Ngan Siu Mui's
"Chinese Calligraphy,
Abstract Art,
Mind Painting"

This book explores the different styles of chinese writing and calligraphy, their origins and even some of the legends related to them. A great emphasis is put on the chinese brush techniques, abondantly illustrated by a great number of traditional and recent calligraphies.

[This is …] a book on chinese calligraphy that is bound to appeal to experts and laymen alike... this book is a major contribution to the study of traditional chinese arts; by sharing her secrets, the author contributes to our ability in assessing the scope of one of the great culture of mankind. There is indeed no better way to understand and appreciate chinese culture than through its artistic heritage."
[ Gilles Vincent, Director of Botanical Garden, Montreal, 1998 ]

Read the calligraphy book by artist Ngan Siu Mui, online You can read the book online ⮚ [Here]

Read the calligraphy book by artist Ngan Siu Mui, online You could also read the Preface by Gilles Vincent ⮚ [Here]

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