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Group Lessons ~ in the studio
⯈ Chinese Calligraphy Lessons
⯈ Chinese Watercolor Painting Lessons
⯈ Chinese Seal Carving Lessons (Stamps)
Private Lessons ~ Online
⯈ Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

The energetic and best Brush techniques on Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Artist Ngan Siu-Mui is currently teaching both Group Lessons in her studio, Montreal Quebec and Online Private Lessons for all art lovers over the world. The benefit of Online Lessons are to break the barriers of geography.

Traditional and creative Chinese brush Techniques are taught in order to control movement, ink, water and colors on Chinese art paper. No previous art background is necessary; curiosity and an open mind is all that is needed.

Group Lessons in the studio, Montreal Quebec ~ 2024

  • Subjects ~ Chinese Calligraphy, Water Colors Painting and Seal Carving (Chinese Stamp)
  • Participants ~ limited to 4 persons only in each class.
  • Please note that early registration is required

Chinese Calligraphy Group lessons ~ 2024

  • Date
    ~ Saturday, July 6 ~ 13:00h to 15:30h
    ~ Sunday, July 7 ~ 13:00h to 15:30h
  • Subjects of Calligraphy lessons ~ Calligraphy styles
    Choose the Chinese calligraphy script you like for your lesson Chinese Calligraphy and painting workshop, online lesson, by Ngan Siu Mui Art School

    • For Beginner Classes and Advanced Classes
      ⯈ Choose a short motto to express a personal principle, goal or ideal. For examples:
      ~ Perseverance (2 characters)
      ~ Let things go and be comfort (4 characters)
      ~ How can we small fry predict the ambitions of the great? (7 characters)

    • For Advanced Classes
      ⯈ Under the guidance the teacher Ngan Siu Mui, participants start to learn from the Master calligraphy pieces in the past dynasties.

    • What is Chinese Calligraphy?
      ~ An abstract and visual art merging the spirit of literature and philosophy.
      ~ An elegant physical exercise
      ~ A form of meditation to calm the spirit
      ~ A discipline of the mind
    • Read more⯈ What is Chinese Calligraphy?

    • The inspiration of Chinese Calligraphy is from Nature.
      ~ Each form or movemeont of a stroke suggest an object from nature.
      ~ Read Online Ngan Siu Mui's publication [Chinese calligraphy, abstract art, mind-painting] to discover
      ⯈ Chapter 1: Mind Painting – Creative Energy in Calligraphy

    • more information⯈ Chinese Calligraphy Lessons
    • Please feel free to contact Ngan Siu-Mui ⯈ here

    chinese calligraphy Demonstration by Ngan Siu Mui – youtube video

    Chinese Painting Group lessons ~ 2024

    Subjects of Chinese Painting Lessons
    Choose the Subject you like for your lesson ~ Bird ~ Peony ~ Goldfish, Chinese Painting Group lessons by Ngan Siu Mui Peony, Chinese Painting Group lessons by Ngan Siu Mui

    Seal Carving Group Lessons Group Lessons ~ 2024

    • Group Lessons Special Schedule and subject on request
    • Subjects: Name Seal (Chinese Stamp), Leisure Seal for quote and verse, Studio Name Seal, Zodiac Seal
    • more information⯈ Chinese Seal Carving Lessons (Stamps)

    Chinese seal carving workshop by Ngan Siu Mui Art School

    Duration, Subject and Participants

    • Subject: proposed by the teacher
    • Duration: each lesson two and a half hours
    • Participants: limited to 4 persons only

    Preparation and follow-up of lessons

    • Art samples for the lesson
    • A video clip or samples related to the lesson are sent to the student after the lesson.
    • Advices from the teacher are sent by email for guiding the practice (homework).


    • Fees:
      Fee for each participant: Calligraphy lesson 70$ cad; Painting lesson 75$ cad; Seal Carving lesson 85$
      via E-transfer or Paypal
      Fees include art material during the lesson
    • Please feel free to contact Ngan Siu-Mui ⯈ here

    Group Lessons Special Schedule on request ~ Chinese Calligraphy, Painting, Seal Carving lessons

    Online Private Lessons for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting


    • Fridays and Sundays
      10:30h to 11:30h or 14:00h to 15:00h or 15:30h to 16:30h
      According to the student's and the teacher's schedules
    • The teacher's location is Montreal,QC,CA; the time zone is UTC – 05:00

    Duration and Subject

    • Duration: one hour
    • Subject: according to the student level

    Preparation and follow-up of lessons

    • To prepare the lesson, art samples are sent by email to the students who have to print out, so that it can be use during the class.
    • A video clip or samples related to the lesson are sent to the student after the lesson.
    • Advices from the teacher are sent by email for guiding the practice (homework).


    • Fees:
      60$ cad each Lesson
      Fee via E-transfer or Paypal
    • Please feel free to contact Ngan Siu-Mui ⯈ here

Technical Information for Online Lessons

Brushes, Paper, Ink

  • Chinese brushes suitable for the subject studied: calligraphy or painting.
  • Chinese art paper (other kind of paper can be used temporarily as a substitute.)
  • Bottled ink
  • Absorbing paper as a blotter under the art paper and for drying brushes.

Internet connection, computer, Zoom

  • It is advised to use a computer and a webcam; tablets and phones are not recommended.
  • The Zoom platform is used for the lessons.
  • A link for a Zoom meeting is sent 10 minutes before the online lesson and the student is admitted soon after (ponctuality is greatly appreciated).
  • To join the meeting, click the link received by email from your host (Ngan Siu-Mui). You will then find yourself in a virtual Zoom waiting room and the host will then admit you to join the lesson.

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